Opencart Admin Folder Rename with vQmod

OpenCart is open source so the basic file structure is exposed. In order to secure OpenCart, the easiest way is rename the /admin/ folder to other phrase. Renaming OpenCart admin folder can prevent hackers who specifically looking for the admin folder of OpenCart break in into OpenCart.

This tutorial is for OpenCart with vQmod installed. If you don't have vQmod installed, simply rename the Admin folder will work. If you have vQmod installed, you will need some extra steps to make vQmod recognize your new Admin folder.

For how install vQmod to OpenCart, follow this tutorial: Install vQmod to OpenCart

Step one, updated all instances in your admin/config.php.

Change to new admin folder name)/ in config.php.

Step two, rename the admin folder.

Simple rename the admin folder using the method that you prefer.

Step three, edit vQmod's configuration file.

vQmod must already installed!

1. Edit the file vqmod/install/index.php, change the name admin to match the name in previous steps.


2. Edit the file vqmod/pathReplaces.php.

Add the following to the file after // START REPLACES // before // END REPLACES //. Change the admin123 to match the name in previous steps.

// START REPLACES // $replaces[] = array('~^admin\b~', 'admin123'); // END REPLACES //

Step four, clean the vQmod cache.

Simply delete all files under vqmod/vqcache folder.

You are all set. Don’t forget that once you do this, you'll need to use the new path to access your admin dashboard.

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