Native KeePass client for MAC OS X with KeePassHTTP - MacPass

Keeps can be used via Mono on OS X but lack of important functionality and not work very well. MacPass is a KeePass compatible password manager for OS X. MacPass is free and open source.

Unlike other KeePass for Mac alternatives, MacPass support KeePassHTTP. KeePassHTTP is a KeePass plugin that allows MacPass to connect with a browser extension like Passifox / ChromeIPass to automatically fill in ID and password details on web pages. KeePassHTTP is not available on the official release as of MacPass version 0.5. It will included in default after version 0.6. However, current version binaries already included KeePassHTTP and can be turn on when building your own MacPass. Download MacPass with KeePassHTTP Enable Keepasshttp

When your extension makes a connection with your database, MacPass will display a confirmation dialog on screen. Keepasshttp Hit “yes” to allow the connection between your extension and MacPass. SOURCE: Native OS X KeePass client

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