Fix Raspberry Pi OpenWrt Boot problem

If you install the OpenWrt into your Raspberry Pi can’t get it boot. The following steps might help you fix the problem. If you still don’t know how to install OpenWrt on Raspberry Pi, you can go to: How to install OpenWrt on Raspberry Pi After the installation process complete and when you boot the Raspberry Pi with OpenWrt the first time, you might be stuck while booting up the system. The console will stopped scrolling messages at

procd: - init complete -

Most likely this issue is because the image does not include the latest boot files and it will not work with the more recent Raspberry Pi boards with different RAM chip. The easiest fix for this is manually replace the boot files with the latest version boot files from Raspbian image. You don’t need to download the whole Raspbian image. Simply go to Download bootcode.bin fixup.dat and start.elf Raspberry Pi Openwrt Fix copy and paste these 3 files to the boot partition to replace the original boot files on your OpenWrt card.

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